The Pothole Between Worlds

My daughter came home from school today and began explaining what she had discovered while researching the history of Halloween online.  It sounded something like this…

“Mom, I know how Halloween got started.”

“Oh, yeah?  How?”

“Well, see, the Irish believed – a long time ago – that on October 31st the pothole between worlds got really thin and that spirits could get through.  They left milk and treats out to try to make the spirits happy, and if the spirits didn’t think it was good enough they would play tricks on them.”

“Oh, really?”  (Totally serious face…totally thinking about the pothole between worlds…trying to decide if I should ask her if she meant portal.)

“Yeah, and they wore costumes to confuse the spirits so they would leave them alone.”  (I decided not to say anything.  I rather like the idea of a pothole between worlds.)

I have been thinking of this all night, and I think she may be on to something.  We often talk about road blocks and potholes in our lives.  What if one of those potholes really WAS a pothole between worlds?  It kinda makes you wonder what’s on the other side.  It’s an interesting idea.  You’re just cruising through life, minding your own business, and BOOM!


Maybe someone left out some milk and treats…I’d better go check…

A large pothole on a country road.
Image via Wikipedia

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