Lessons From Gideon

I had an epiphany today…a moment when truth hit me upside the head and left me breathless.

Some of the women at my church are doing a Bible study using the book Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. (AWESOME – I highly recommend it!) I have been struck all along at how neatly this story fits into a particular situation in my life, but a comment she made at the end of the video tonight struck me to the core.

She was sitting by a campfire and wondering out loud about what the 300 may have been thinking that night – the night God delivered them with only 300 soldiers although they were outnumbered 450 to every 1 of their ranks. She wondered if they had any idea what awesome works of God were imminent.

Folks, I was wondering the same thing about a situation of my own. I have been frustrated. I have been threshing in a wine press (so to speak) and doing difficult tasks in less-than-ideal conditions that only add to the difficulty. I have struggled with frustration, anger, and even hopelessness about my situation. I have tried to remain faithful to my many tasks, but I have worried that all my efforts were pointless. Tonight God answered me loud and clear. In a study that is focused on your weakness vs. God’s strength, I have truly been empowered.

We had just spoken about how our difficulties shape us and put us in the right place for God to work through us. Through Priscilla’s closing statement today, my purpose in this study and in this particular situation was made abundantly clear to me. I was being positioned and prepared to serve and minister to those in this difficult situation with me

in a new and different way.

As I was fretting about an upcoming, potentially life-changing event related to my situation, God stepped in to tell me to stop. Stop worrying. Stop fretting. Stop wondering. He told me that regardless of how things work out, my life is ALREADY changed – because He has been working through my circumstances to prepare me for what I am being called to do.

When I go to face this imminent event, I can leave my fears, worries, and inadequacies behind. I have been equipped, empowered, and I HAVE ENOUGH – even though it doesn’t feel that way. God says my 300 are enough to stand against the hundreds of thousands that belong to the world (metaphorically speaking). My 300 are enough because He will make it so.

I can rest tonight assured that tomorrow is in His hands. The works of God and the calling He has been preparing me for are imminent. All I have to do is trust in God’s deliverance, step out in faith, and sound the battle cry – because this battle will be won by Him in His time (not mine). My worries and inadequacies are unnecessary – God has this. He has me.

Because he does, I have this too.


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