Bee-ing Me

You know the song “No Rain” by Blind Melon?  The one with the video where the weird little girl dressed like a bee tap dances through life trying to find kindred spirits and a place to be herself?  That’s me.  Not literally, of course.  But all the same, that little girl and I have an awful lot in common.  At the end of the video, the little girl finds a group of people dressed as bees and dancing just like her.  She finally has a hive.  She found her bees.

My name is Joy.  I’m a tap-dancing bee too.

I’m a Missouri farm girl transplanted to Florida.  I’m definitely out of my element and struggling to get my roots to take hold in the Florida soil sand.  I’m shy by nature.  My humor is unusual and not everyone gets it.  I am not super comfortable with social situations because I usually don’t fit in very well.  I’m seldom sure what to say, so I don’t say much.  I prefer music and movies that others my age usually don’t.  My style is geared more toward comfort and quirkiness than fashion or trends.  I’m weird.  I’m OK with that.  Most of the time, I’m OK with that.  When I struggle with it, my husband tells me I just haven’t found my bees yet.

Maybe he’s right…

So I keep tap dancing away in search of bees.

8 thoughts on “Bee-ing Me

  1. I have heard that song, but I didn’t know the name of it and I had never watched the video until tonight. I can relate to you. I pretty much keep to myself, I am different…I don’t run with the crowd…I think of it as a good thing. This would be one extremely dull world if there weren’t people like us around!


  2. Oh my Lord! I so did not know this was you! I thought you were just posting on a sight! This is SO cool! I am struggling with you getting your roots to take hold there as well. I am so proud of you and the way you have grown since going to Florida, I wish we could support you more! Lots of love! A Missouri Mom

      1. Yeh, it’s really helpful. I shorten the blogs for my home page so you can see lots without having to scroll a lot, but this works really well, if not better – definitely not worse…

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